Is coaching in the future of Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald?

Posted at 1:38 PM, Aug 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-24 16:38:09-04

While he's been nursing a minor knee injury for the last week, Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald has been vocal on the sidelines during training camp and preseason play, doing as much as he can to, in his words, be a "cheerleader" for his teammates.

"I love seeing my guys go out there and have success," Fitzgerald said Wednesday. "If I can be an asset to them in any way, I think that's my job if I can't actually go out there and be in the fight with them."

Those certainly sound like words that could come out of a coach's mouth. So, does that mean coaching could be the 32-year-old, 12-year NFL veteran's next occupation when he finally hangs up his cleats? 

Probably not, according to Fitz -- at least not in the NFL.

"I don't think coaching's in my future, not at this level," he said. "It would definitely be at like a youth level where it wouldn't have to be as much of a commitment."

Nonetheless, Cards quarterback Carson Palmer has noticed Fitzgerald's knack as a mentor for his younger, less experienced teammates.

"He's just very involved," Palmer said. "He's in it as mentally as he is when he's practicing. He's coaching and help. Very focused on each play. He's never standing on the sideline talking to anybody (and) goofing off."

Cardinals coach Bruce Arians also appreciates Fitz's desire to make his teammates better.

"He understands his position," Arians said. "He's helping the young guys as much as he can."

Arians, however, joked that he doesn't picture Fitzgerald as an NFL coach, either -- but for a different reason.

"He makes way too much money to coach," he said. "Way too much."