Joe Garagiola's 10 most memorable quotes

Posted at 1:39 PM, Mar 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-23 18:23:33-04

Legendary MLB catchers Joe Garagiola and Yogi Berra grew up next to each other in St. Louis -- and like Berra, Garagiola was known for his quotability.

On Wednesday, the Arizona Diamondbacks announced that the baseball and broadcasting legend passed away at the age of 90. Along with being a legend in the baseball community, Garagiola's career included appearances and hosting gigs with The Tonight Show, the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show and numerous game shows.

Garagiola was undoubtedly one of the most entertaining TV personalities of all-time, largely due to his ample supply of one-liners that had audiences rolling. Here are 10 of his most memorable.

1. "I know a baseball star who wouldn't report the theft of his wife's credit cards because the thief spends less than she does."

2. "Never trust a baserunner with a limp. Comes a base hit and you'll think he just got back from Lourdes."

3. "One thing you learned as a Cubs fan: When you bought your ticket, you could bank on seeing the bottom of the ninth."

4. RE: Yogi Berra: "Not only was I not the best catcher in the major leagues; I wasn't even the best catcher on my street."

5. "Don't be afraid to fail. Experience is just mistakes you don't make anymore."

6. "Baseball is drama with an endless run and an ever-changing cast."

7. "Don't tell me you can pitch... pitch. Don't tell me you can sell... Sell."

8. "It's pitching, hitting and defense that wins. Any two can win. All three make you unbeatable."

9. "The wind always seems to blow against catchers when they are running."

10. In honor of National Puppy Day: "You really have to be some kind of a creep for a dog to reject you."