'Hugely disappointed': Not everyone is a fan of the Arizona Cardinals' 'All or Nothing' documentary

Posted at 11:30 AM, Jul 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-14 17:30:34-04

"All or Nothing," the Arizona Cardinals' eight-part documentary released on Amazon Video two weeks ago, has received universal acclaim from critics and fans alike.

Well... almost.

Of the 600-plus viewers who have already reviewed the series on, 92 percent have given it a five-star rating, and 99 percent have given it at least three stars.

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But even the best films have their detractors, and "All or Nothing" is no exception. 

The primary objection? All the cursing.

"My 9 year old son (who is a die-hard football fan) and I were both really excited to see this on Amazon but we were both pretty disappointed by the foul language in the first few seconds of the show," wrote one viewer who was among the 1 percent to give the documentary a one- or two-star review.

"We didn't make it past the first scene and my son said that this was not appropriate to watch. We're both hugely disappointed by this show."

It's true that "All or Nothing" includes plenty of, shall we say, salty language -- especially from coach Bruce Arians, who isn't shy about using the F-word.

"He seems to think it's necessary to drop an 'F' bomb with every other sentence. It's beyond me why Amazon would choose a coach who speaks so offensively (no pun intended) all of the time," wrote a reviewer who also gave "All or Nothing" a single star. 

"The head coach - a professional? I think not!" another reviewer wrote. "What a potty mouth! Needing control over his emotions and temper - not a very good role model."

Arians has acknowledged his propensity to curse and said he'll "probably get a lot of Bibles in the mail" as a result of the series, but was adamant about not changing who he is or how he coaches simply because he was being filmed.

But here's the thing: Amazon also created a family-friendly, rated version of "All or Nothing" in which every single F-bomb (from Arians and others) is bleeped out.

"I pre-watched for my sports-crazy boys, and I have to say it's so nice to have an edited version," wrote a viewer who gave the rated version a five-star review.

But as it turns out, even the family-friendly edition wasn't enough to please some people. 

"If they really wanted to make a 'family friendly' version, they should have gone further," another reviewer wrote. "They apparently made the decision to leave in multiple occurrences of 'ass' and 'damn.' I don't know what you would do that if you edited it for family consumption.

"Also, why bleep words?" the reviewer continued. "Why not just blank them out so that kids don't have to know how much cursing is done by their heroes?"

The other reasons for some viewers' dislike of "All or Nothing?" Well, they're kind of all over the place.

"HBO's 'Hard Knocks' has some dull episodes, but shows more authentic scenes than All or Nothing and thus is more recommendable," one reviewer wrote.

"I imagine that we will never be civilized. This savage sport turns my stomach. It is no better than the games of ancient Rome," wrote another.

And finally... some preseason trash talk.

"Seahawks > Cardinals" reads the final one-star review.