Here's why Justin Bieber wore a Coyotes jersey

Posted at 12:08 PM, Mar 31, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-31 19:43:38-04

Arizona Coyotes fans got a surprise when they saw Justin Bieber rocking the jersey of Coyotes star rookie forward Max Domi during Bieber's concert in Glendale on Wednesday night.

But after digging a little deeper, we figured out why Bieber donned the Domi jersey.

No, it wasn't just because both men are Canadian, or simply because he happened to be performing at the Coyotes' home of Gila River Arena.

As it turns out, Bieber has become friends with Domi's father, NHL legend Tie Domi.

Tie Domi was in New York to watch his son's Coyotes face the Islanders in November. Bieber happened to be at that game.

"The two famous Ontarians bonded over a shared favorite player (Max Domi)," CBC Radio reported, and Tie Domi told Bieber that the Coyotes like to play Bieber's music in their clubhouse.

"Justin was all excited," Tie said. "I'm a Belieber now. He's a really good kid. I was really impressed with him."

Max Domi, who's actually a year younger than Bieber, is a contender for the NHL's Calder Trophy, given to the league's top rookie. The 21-year old has tallied 18 goals and 30 assists in 75 games.

He said he heard about Bieber's choice of attire from some friends at the concert who texted him.

"It's pretty cool," Max Domi said. "He's one of the biggest stars in the world right now, so it's pretty cool to see him wearing your team's jersey up there, and he wore it well."