Fixed? Watch this questionable-looking goal allowed by North Korea's goalkeeper

Posted at 12:21 PM, Sep 24, 2016

We're not saying this looks suspicious simply because a North Korean team happens to be involved... but it certainly doesn't hurt the case.

TSN in Canada reports that, during an under-16 soccer game between North Korea and Uzbekistan at the Asian Football Confederation Championship, the North Korean goalkeeper committed a series of questionable errors that resulted in a own goal.

After Uzbekistan's keeper booted the ball to the other side of the field, the North Korean keeper overshot the ball, then seemed to casually jog to retrive the ball rapidly headed to his own team's net before tripping himself up.

Watch the entire sequence and judge for yourself:

TSN included a gif-by-gif dissection of the play, which certainly makes the case that there was some match-fixing going on here.