VIDEO: 3 of the best free-throw distractions

Posted at 12:32 PM, Jan 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-29 14:32:18-05

Michael Phelps took ASU's nationally-renowned Curtain of Distraction to new heights when he appeared in a Speedo during the Sun Devils' 86-68 win over Oregon State on Thursday.

Phelps helped the Devils play some free-throw defense by helping force two straight Oregon State misses at the free-throw line.

Phelps' appearance, Speedo and all, is instantly one of the top five free-throw distractions of all-time. Here's a look at three other distractions that rival that of the world's most decorated Olympian.

1. It's a boy!

Perhaps the best recent free-throw distraction -- other than from our local 18-time gold medalist, of course -- came via the high school ranks.

Along with being one of the most creative distractions in recent memory, this "childbirth" diversion also served as a healthy, albeit unintentional, reminder of the consequences of teen pregnancy.

2. The "other" Speedo guy

Phelps was not the first scantily-clad fan to successfully distract a free-throw shooting opponent. This Duke fan distracted a rival North Carolina player during a matchup in Cameron Indoor Stadium, which is already considered one of the nation's toughest places to play.

3. Wild Bill

Utah State has one of the top student sections in the country -- its "Winning Team/Losing Team" routine is legendary -- and its former leader was a man of many hats during his time at the school.

The superfan known as Wild Bill pulled out all the stops at Utah State home games while opponents were trying to score from the free-throw line.