Coyotes issue 'inclusive' message before Trump rally; reaction is mixed

Posted at 11:20 PM, Aug 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-23 02:25:41-04

The Arizona Coyotes' message of "inclusion" posted on social media hours before President Trump's rally in downtown Phoenix received a great deal of cheers, but also a few boos, from Coyotes fans.

Using the hashtag #PhoenixRally, the Coyotes presented the following statement Tuesday afternoon: 

"The Arizona Coyotes are proud to support the ideals of inclusivity and acceptance. We are committed to the belief that hockey can drive positive social change and foster more inclusive communities. We believe #HockeyIsForEveryone and are glad that the Coyotes can bring people together. All are welcome in our den! #OnePack"

As of Tuesday night, the Coyotes' tweet has been retweeted over 400 times, including by the NHL's official Twitter page, along with actress and Trump critic Alyssa Milano. The Facebook post has been shared nearly 100 times.

Some fans loved the Coyotes' statement. Some did not.

"Proud of my team for this message. Go Yotes!" one fan responded via Twitter.

"Why does this even need to be said? I just lost a lot of respect for this organization," another fan tweeted.

Reaction was similarly mixed on Facebook.

"Love this. Hockey is for EVERYONE!!" one fan wrote.

"I love the yotes, but just like other celebrities stay out of my politics. They are intertwined but need to be separate," another fan wrote.

When asked for their reaction to some of the negative responses from fans, the Coyotes reiterated their stance.

"We stand by our statement and are proud to support the ideals of inclusivity and acceptance. Hockey is for everyone," the team told ABC15.