Cardinals' Patrick Peterson to pay for houses for needy families in Haiti

Posted at 4:57 PM, May 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-08 19:57:59-04

Just in case Arizona Cardinals fans needed another reason to adore Patrick Peterson...

The six-time Pro Bowl cornerback and his wife Antonique partnered with Mission of Hope International during a visit to Haiti last week. During their time in the impoverished nation, they helped out at medical centers (Antonique is one year away from becoming a doctor), and Patrick visited local schools, teaching kids how to read and playing soccer and kickball with them, according to

The Petersons also helped bring fresh water to local villages without any.

After arriving back in Arizona, Peterson told that he has will pay for three houses for needy families in a village he and his wife visited. He will also donate items from his own home and intends to ask his teammates to do so, as well.

"People in the U.S., we can complain about some of the smallest things, and these people, sometimes their kids are running around with no bottoms on, they have no fresh water, no power, no AC, sleeping in tents," Peterson told

"But when you go speak with them, they have a smile on their face. They have high energy. They have hope." 

The Petersons plan to visit Haiti again next year, and they also want to get their one-year-old daughter Paityn involved in providing aid to people in need when she's old enough to do so.

"This was a great, eye-opening experience," Peterson said.