Bruce Arians' 7 most memorable quotes from the 1st 2 weeks of Arizona Cardinals training camp

Posted at 2:17 PM, Aug 12, 2016

If you follow Arizona Cardinals football and/or watched the Cards' "All or Nothing" Amazon series, you know just how entertaining (and occasionally vulgar) head coach Bruce Arians can be.

Each day throughout this year's training camp, we've compiled some of his best quotes from his morning press conferences. Here's his best of the best through the first two weeks of camp, in no particular order:

On the difference between practicing in pads vs. no pads: "Guys who look like All-Americans in shorts fade away. The guys who look like (expletive) in shorts, they're football players. They show up."

On the necessity to get in better shape during training camp: "Fatigue will make a coward out of you. We've gotta get in better shape as a team to finish these practices. That's where most of the mental errors are."

On backup offensive linemen Antoine McClain and John Wetzel: "They're both extremely heavy sweaters. They'll lose eight pounds in a practice, and as they fatigue, their technique goes to (expletive), but their effort's still good."

On whether he and quarterback Carson Palmer yell at each other: "I yell at him. He don't yell back."

On whether he's caught any of his players playing Pokémon Go: "I don't even know what the hell that is."

On how much longer he plans to coach: "That's up to God. I don't know. The way I treat myself, not long."

On what his role will be while he lets offensive coordinator Harold Goodwin call plays during Friday's preseason game vs. the Raiders: "Deciding if we go for it on fourth. Or go for two. Tough job. Somebody's gotta do it."