BLOG: Why did the D-backs pick this fight NOW?

Posted at 7:31 PM, Mar 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-24 22:31:23-04

It's been a battle that's been going on for about four years now, but on Thursday, it became public: The battle between the Arizona Diamondbacks and Maricopa County.

My question is: Why now?

It sounds like the repercussions from all this wouldn't have been felt, at the very least, until the end of the season -- and with so much hype around this team heading in, and their spring performance backing that hype... If you're the Diamondbacks, why pick a fight with the county over the stadium now, when there's so much positivity surrounding this year's team?

Another question to ponder: Is it a coincidence that this happens just a few months after they fork out over $200 million for one player?

In the D-backs' defense: If the county can't afford to foot the bill for the stadium maintenance, shouldn't they be able to shop around? Diamondbacks president Derrick Hall begged the same question in Thursday's press conference.

"We feel like we owe it to ourselves, since we know that they can't fulfill their end of the bargain, to at least go and see what those options are to play elsewhere, and see what other partners may be out there," he said. "And until then, we can't make that evaluation or that assessment."

So, we'll see how this all plays out -- and we'll also see how quickly the team can move past all this, and get back to focusing on baseball.