BLOG: Suns need to start acting like Cardinals

Posted at 6:43 PM, Dec 29, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-30 07:31:42-05

Outside of the losing, the in-fighting and the drama, here's my biggest problem with the Phoenix Suns: There's no identity or personality to this team.

They play with about much joy as a kid who had to watch the new hoverboard he got for Christmas burst into flames.

The Suns are a mess – and I have some advice on how they can become respectable again.

Start imitating the team you are the polar opposite of: the Arizona Cardinals. 

The Suns are soft. They are mentally fragile and have very little concept of team play. It's almost impossible for coaches and management to hold players accountable because they either don't care enough about winning, or they don't know how. It's a weird and bad mix of players on this roster.

The Cardinals are the opposite. Every player on their roster is there for one thing: To do what's best for the team. Sacrifice, work hard, be accountable, check their egos at the door – and win games.

Cards coach Bruce Arians carries the ultimate hammer. He can cut anyone at any time, or bench them, or blast them publicly in the media. 

But remember: There actually is hope, because 12 years ago, the Cardinals were a joke – and the Suns were the envy of their league.