5 best quotes from Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce Arians during Monday's training camp

Posted at 12:13 PM, Aug 01, 2016

Here are some of Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce Arians' best quotes from Monday's training camp session, the second day in which the teams will practice in pads:

On the difference between practicing in pads vs. practicing in shorts: "Guys who look like All-Americans in shorts fade away. The guys who look like (expletive) in shorts, they're football players. They show up."

On whether there are any ongoing battles for starting jobs: "There's competition. I don't see many battles. Guys have jobs; they either lose them or they keep them. I don't see anybody threatening to take them, but I like the depth behind them."

On the importance of players having a positive attitude: "To me that's the most important thing. It's as much about your ability as it is fitting in our culture, and wanting to practice, doing all the things it takes to be a team player and not an individual. I think that's the biggest thing that came out of 'All or Nothing.'"

On what it would mean to score 500 points this season (the Cardinals scored 489 last year): "It'd be pretty damn good. Hopefully we hold them to 200 and score 500. I don't set goals like that. If we score 300 and go 15-1 I'll be happy as hell."

On whether he's caught any of his players playing Pokémon Go: "I don't even know what the hell that is."

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