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'I'm on the train': 10 most memorable quotes from Herm Edwards' press conference

Posted at 4:29 PM, Dec 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-04 18:29:50-05

Arizona State Sun Devil fans still have plenty of mixed emotions about Herm Edwards being their football team's new coach.

But trust us: We in the media already love the man, simply because of the passion and energy he brings to his press conferences.

ASU introduced Edwards to the media Monday morning in a press conference that lasted nearly an hour. (You can watch it in its entirety here.) But if you missed it, here are 10 of Edwards' best, most inspirational quotes from Monday:

1. On attracting top-tier football players to ASU: "Why is this not the destination? Why can't it be? That's my job, to go into those homes and tell those parents: This is the place you want to send your son."

2. On leading the way for the ASU football program: "I'm on the train. And I'm gonna ride it. I will ride this train until it stops. It's not gonna stop ... If you wanna board on a little bit later, we got a seat for you. Might not be comfortable, but you'll have a seat."

3. On what the job means to him: "This is about this university. It will never be about me. This university is bigger than any coach. It's bigger than any president. It's bigger than any (athletic director). It's about the young people that leave here. It's about what they will contribute in our society."

4. On getting the most out of football players: "The one thing I learned a long time ago: Coaches don't give players talent; God does. It's up to us to make sure that they exhaust their talent, because when you don't, you cheat yourself."

5. On coaching with passion: "There's something that a great former player said here, Pat Tillman. He said when he talks about passion, it ignites your soul. Football ignites my soul. It makes me go. This is what I do."

6. On not coaching since 2008: "You don't forget how to coach. They're not bringing me here to play. I can't play -- although I'll tell you, I got one hit left."

7. On his familiarity with the Sun Devils: "(Former ASU coach) Frank Kush recruited me to come here as a high-school athlete. I know the traditions of this place. I did not come here; I went to Cal. I was in the Pac-8 before they called this thing the Pac-12. You think I don't have history here? I have rich history here. I have rich history on the West Coast of playing football."

8. On playing team football: "When you become a part of a team and you become a part of a football team, and you look to the left and you look to the right, there's this bond that says, 'I'm not letting that guy down. Not today. Not ever.'"

9. On his age: "I know a lot of people are concerned, 'Coach, you've been out of football. You're 63 years old.' Who put a number on when you can coach football? Don't tell that to (Alabama coach) Nick Saban; he's 66."

10. On leaving a lasting legacy: "The most powerful possession you own as a person is your last name. It can't be bought. And how you live your life will tell your story."