Phoenix Suns unveil conceptual Aztec-inspired uniform design

Phoenix Suns Aztec Uniform Concept Design
Posted at 5:57 PM, Aug 26, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-26 20:57:16-04

PHOENIX — What do you think, Suns fans?

The Phoenix Suns unveiled this week a conceptual uniform design inspired by ancient Aztec culture and symbols -- and are interested in what fans think of it.

"Steeped in symbolism, the uniform boldly blends the grit, unity and history of the Aztec civilization, harnessing the prowess and battle-hardened strength of its people, and the influence it has had on Latin culture for centuries," the team said.

The design features an Aztec Sun Stone superimposed with "PHX" on the chest to represent "a gathering of deities working as well." The triangle and rays represent heat and unity, "all originating from a single source, the Suns."

An Aztec Death Stone is on the back of the jersey, an "homage to fearless warriors even in the face of death."

The shorts feature purple trim, the Suns basketball logo, and jaguar armor.

In its announcement, the Suns said they were "looking to the future and how we celebrate communities and cultures."

People are asked to share their comments on the design via the team's @Suns Twitter account.