Pat Bondurant remembers her late husband, racing legend Bob Bondurant

Posted at 7:28 PM, Nov 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-16 21:38:57-05

PHOENIX — The racing world is still mourning the loss of world champion Bob Bondurant.

Bondurant, 88, passed away last week unexpectedly and leaves behind his wife Pat Bondurant.

"I always say it's never too late to live happily ever after and Bob and I are proof of that," she said.

Pat Bondurant told ABC15 that she and her Bob shared a special bond and were married three months after dating.

"So Bob as a husband -- a gentleman from head to toe," she said.

"He was romantic, he was caring. He checked off all the boxes for me," she added.

Bondurant was a professional driver and is the only American to win a sports car world championship.

After that, he was involved in a horrible accident. Soon after, he decided to open up a racing school to promote safety over speed.

As ABC15 previously reported, the school was sold and renamed.

However, according to Pat Bondurant, there will be a new school opening bearing his name.

"We're in very deep negotiations with the biggest titans in the racing industry about the next Bondurant school and where it's going," she said.

Bondurant told ABC15 her preference would be to keep the school in Phoenix.

Bob Bondurant was also known for teaching famous actors how to drive for movies.

Bondurant even worked on several films about racing.

Pat told ABC15 that there's a plan to make a movie focused on her late husband and it will be a "guy movie and a chick flick."

The family said they plan on holding a service for Bob in early December and it will be opened to the public.