'Official Unofficial Suns Rapper' writing victory rap songs after every Suns win

Suns rapper
Posted at 7:03 PM, May 23, 2021

The Phoenix Suns have been burning bright all season, and the effect of their success has sparked a new creative endeavor by a Suns fan.

Since the early part of the Suns' season, Zanezor, the self-dubbed "Official Unofficial Suns Rapper," has been writing and producing victory rap songs after every Suns win.

"I’m all about having fun. I’m all about positivity. I’m all about enjoying life and I’m all about Phoenix baby," said Zanezor.

The Suns have put him to work this year, winning 52 games and securing the #2 seed in the Western Conference Playoff Bracket.

"I knew I was going to be writing a lot of raps… I did not know I was going to be writing this many raps," said Zanezor, who is a Valley native and lifelong Suns fan. "[I'm] having a party, freestyling about a win or a loss. It doesn’t matter. I’m happy it’s a good season."

In his raps, Zanezor mixes multiple Suns references while dissing the opposing team. After the Suns beat the Portland Trail Blazers for the third time this year, sweeping the season series, Zanezor referenced Jay-Z in his lyric "Got 99 problems but the Blazers ain't one."

"The best reaction I’ve had so far was from a Jazz player who I spent about 45 seconds dissing Donavon Mitchell to his face and he tipped me! Haha! I got money for that," laughed Zanezor.

About midway through the season, he took his performance to the streets, performing freestyle rap outside of Phoenix Suns Arena on 4th and Jefferson streets.

Zanezor has even been featured on the Arizona Sports 98.7 Phoenix Suns radio postgame show hosted by Jon Bloom. Bloom noticed Zanezor on social media and admired his passion.

"You gotta embrace the weirdness," said Bloom. "Here’s a guy, he’s creating something about the Phoenix Suns that’s totally off the wall and different."

Zanezor is looking to continue freestyle rapping outside of the arena throughout the playoffs.