NFL further limits player access to facilities amid virus

NFL further limits player access to facilities amid virus
Posted at 1:19 PM, Dec 04, 2020

The NFL is further limiting player access to team facilities as it attempts to enhance safety measures during the pandemic.

In a memo sent to the 32 clubs and obtained by The Associated Press, teams must close their facilities for two days after games, with some exceptions.

Beginning Monday, all teams playing on a Sunday must close those facilities for the next two days.

Only players needing medical attention for injuries or in rehab programs may enter the team complex.

Coaches can access the facility but must work in their own offices and can't conduct meetings except virtually.

The Associated Press reported that players that play on Monday couldn't access their facilities until Thursday, and facilities must remain closed until Sunday to players who play Thursday.

According to USA Today, who was the first to report the memo, the league is also lifting its 62-player road game limit for teams, which will allow teams to fill its 48-man gameday roster with practice squad players in case issues arise with the coronavirus. This change will go into effect this week.

All players who plan to attend a game must also stay at the team hotel the night before the game, The AP reported.

The league had its second major outbreak in the last two weeks, with the Baltimore Ravens having at least two dozen people testing positive.