NBA to convert arenas to polling places, promote civic engagement in effort for 'meaningful change'

Racial Injustice NBA Basketball
Posted at 11:44 AM, Aug 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-28 14:48:20-04

NBA members announced Friday that they plan to convert sporting facilities into places to vote and work together to "push for meaningful and sustainable change.”

The National Basketball Players Association Executive Director Michele Roberts and NBA Commissioner Adam Silver released the statement after "a candid, impassioned and productive conversation yesterday between NBA players, coaches and team governors regarding next steps to further our collective efforts and actions in support of social justice and racial equality."

The teams agreed to resume playoff games on Saturday, Aug. 29 upon agreeing that three commitments to social justice be met.

  • "The NBA and its players have agreed to immediately establish a social justice coalition...that will be focused on a broad range of issues, including increasing access to voting, promoting civic engagement, and advocating for meaningful police and criminal justice reform," the statement said in part.
  • In cities where league franchise owners own and control arena properties, team officials will work with local elections officials to convert the facility into safe 2020 general election voting centers. If that's not possible, they will find another way to use the space for election-related activities.
  • The league will also work with networks during each playoff game to air something "dedicated to promoting greater civic engagement in national and local elections and raising awareness around voter access and opportunity."