Longtime Arizona Rattlers icon Brian Beazer, known as Fang, dies

Arizona Rattlers Fang
Posted at 5:12 PM, Feb 01, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-01 19:31:54-05

PHOENIX — Fang, a face of the Arizona Rattlers for nearly three decades, known for riding his Harley out on the field before games, passed away last week. Brian Beazer was 65 years old.

Every game, "Fang" would speed out of the tunnel wearing a leather jacket, sunglasses, cuffs, and a collection of championship rings. Metallica's Enter Sandman would be blasting over the speakers. He'd pull back his long hair and point to the fans to get them louder.

Fang started with the team in 1992 and did his act every year until the 2021 season, when he only did one game.

"It's just, it's electric. There's nothing like it," said Phoenix native and lifelong fan Jennifer Boyle.

Boyle and her family had season tickets for nearly two decades. Her son Alex started going to the games when he was a baby and fell in love with football thanks to the Rattlers.

She said throughout the years, they got to know Fang. Alex took many pictures with him posing with their arms crossed.

"And he goes 'Ok now look at your mom and make the mad face,'" she said. "You would see him interact with the fans and he was great with the kids."

Rob Hart said he knew the real Brian Beazer, who didn't really want people to know he was Fang.

"That was a character and a persona only," he said. "[Brian] wasn't somebody you'd relate to Fang. It was two different people, and he kept them separate."

Hart said Fang was a hardcore biker and Beazer was private. He was a financial advisor, very involved in his church.

"He was a good friend. He was very, very quiet and kindhearted. He would do anything in the world for you," said Hart.

According to a friend, Beazer died last week in his sleep.

"He's such a great great guy and it's just very sad to know that he's gone," said Boyle.

Boyle said he'll forever be a part of the Rattlers legacy.

The Rattlers' President and Head Coach Kevin Guy release this statement Tuesday on Fang's passing:

"Fang was the original Rattler representative and gave Rattler Nation something to look forward to every game through the pre-game routine on his Harley. He was a trailblazer for our "9th man" and embodied what the Rattlers' game-day experience is all about. We greatly appreciate his long-time service, there will never be another Fang."