CHICKEN AND DOUGHNUT SANDWICH! New Arizona Coyotes menu for the 2019-20 season

Posted at 12:23 PM, Oct 30, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-30 15:50:48-04

PHOENIX — Can't choose between a chicken sandwich or a glazed doughnut? Dig into the best of both worlds at an Arizona Coyotes game this season! You can find the Chicken and Doughnut Sandwich at The Goal Line and you will want to find it before heading to your seats because the Yotes are only selling 24 of them each game.

Watch the video above to feast upon the Yotes' 2019-20 menu!

Chicken and Doughnut Sandwich: Fried chicken patty, onion marmalade and maple glazed bacon on sugar glazed doughnut buns. (The Goal Line)

Fresh Homemade Tortilla for Tacos: Choose from Festival Tacos, Tomatillo Chicken Tacos and Sweet & Spicy Cornbread Tacos all from Gadzooks. (Gadzooks)

Pumpkin Cookies: Pumpkin cookie with a brown sugar glaze. (Gadzooks)

Cold Beers & Cheeseburgers: Choose from the restaurant's famous All American Burger, 1000 Island Burger, Beyond Burger and Chicken Sandwich. (Cold Beers & Cheeseburgers)

Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches: Choose from five different ice cream cookie sandwiches. (Frozen Penguin Stand)

Elote Cactus Dog: Vienna hot dog, avocado crema, corn cactus relish and crispy jalapeños. (Vienna Beef)

Giant Bavarian Pretzel: Served in a pizza box with beer cheese. (Brat Haus)

"Hat Trick Sausage": Bunless versions of Brat Haus' Sweet Italian, Spicy Italian and Haus Brat sampler platter. (Brat Haus)

Tocchet Totchos: Brisket, Monterey Jack cheese, pico de gallo, sour cream, refried beans and jalapeños on a bed of tater tots. (Power Play Putinerie)

Bulgogi Cheesesteak: Korean chili aioli, bulgogi sauce, white American cheese, onions and peppers. (Grille, Top Level)