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Warning about Phoenix Suns ticket sales: Woman says she sold hers online, can't get paid

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Posted at 4:00 PM, Jul 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-14 10:10:21-04

PHOENIX — Phoenix Suns ticketholders are making a lot of money re-selling those tickets online, but for some, that big money is just on paper.

Even a legitimate ticket site is taking its time getting Suns ticket sellers the money they're owed.

Jennifer Montoya says it's happening to her.

Jennifer says she bought four tickets for the first Suns playoff game against the Los Angeles Lakers in Phoenix.

"We love the Phoenix Suns. We are big fans... I thought it would be a good family outing," she says.

But it turns out, only her husband and son could go.

So, Jennifer says she re-sold the other two tickets through the Suns app and Ticketmaster where she says she bought them.

A receipt shows they were sold, and she'd be getting $1,200 minus some fees.

It's big money -- if she could get it!

Jennifer says she's repeatedly tried contacting Ticketmaster but can't get any money or any reason for a delay.

While Suns ticket buyers have to worry about losing money on counterfeit tickets, it seems sellers now also have to be concerned about getting their money after tickets are sold.

The Ticketmaster Facebook page shows posts with similar concerns "sold tickets and have yet to get our money," "still have not received payment" and "can't get ahold of anyone via email, chat or phone."

"On their website, it said it could take up to 30 days, so I said OK, well we'll wait," Jennifer says.

But those tickets sold in May... it has now been closer to 45 days.

Jennifer says emails to Ticketmaster just get generic responses.

"Due to this time, they're very busy and will get back to you at earliest convenience," she says.

While Ticketmaster's Facebook page does talk of refunds for canceled events, we saw nothing about reseller payment delays.

Is it a staffing issue? What's the problem?

Ticketmaster did get back to us saying "thanks for passing this on." They say their team is working to get the money refunded directly as quickly as possible.

$1,200 is a lot of money. We hope to get it back to Jennnifer's family before the Suns win it all.

Buyer or seller, are you having issues with fraud or delays? Email me: