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Phoenix Suns fans cheer on team from Mongolia

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Posted at 3:30 PM, Jul 14, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-16 07:47:07-04

PHOENIX — He is a diehard Phoenix Suns fan who has been following the team for more than 15 years, but he's never visited Arizona. In fact, this man has never even been to the United States. This fan lives all the way across the world in Ulaanbataar, Mongolia.

Oyu-Od Lkhagvasuren has been cheering on the Suns and watching every game this season at the crack of dawn when it plays in his country, more than 6,000 miles away. He is an active member of the Phoenix Suns Mongolia chapter. A passionate group, about 100 members strong.

Oyu-Od first "met" the Suns at a time when Mongolia did not even broadcast NBA games, but neighboring China did. It happened to be a channel that Oyu-Od could pick up.

"Only one channel I can and would watch NBA games, which is Chinese channel called CCTV."

The popularity of Chinese NBA player Yao Ming meant every Houston Rockets game was broadcast in China. It was during one of those playoffs that Oyu-Od noticed the Suns, and says he fell in love.

"The reason I attracted to Suns is their, you know, attacking style of basketball. They're always attacking you and very fast, very quickly," said Oyu-Od.

He showcased Suns gear fans had made in Mongolia, as shipping delays caused by the pandemic had made it difficult to order gear and get it shipped to them on time.

He believed the Suns had the perfect team this time around to win the championship.

"Oruksha, oruksha" said the fan to his favorite team, saying it meant "let's go, let's go!".