5 Prism TV features to better viewer experience

Posted at 7:56 AM, May 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-04 10:56:56-04

Why settle for cable or satellite?

Using the power of fiber optics, CenturyLink’s Prism TV offers an incredible degree of flexibility, allowing you to custom-tailor viewing to the needs of every family member. Which means fighting over the remote ... will be a thing of the past.

Whole Home DVR

Whole Home DVR puts every TV in the house under the control of a single DVR. What does this mean for your family? You can watch one show while you record something else. You can look at one channel in the bedroom, while you record a different channel in the family room. You can even record different shows on different channels at the same time.

It gets better. You’ll discover amazing flexibility when it comes to watching recorded shows. Get access to any of your recordings from any room in your home. Say you’re viewing a recorded show in the living room but need to get dinner started. Pause the recording in the living room and finish watching it in the kitchen. And no matter which room you’re in, you always have the power to pause live TV.

When it comes to HD, Prism is way ahead of cable and satellite. First off, cutting-edge fiber optic technology translates to crystal-clear picture and brilliant sound. You’ll get more HD channels (more than 210!) than cable or satellite can offer. And you won’t need new equipment to add HD service, though you will need to pay an additional charge.

What’s more, Whole Home DVR keeps you in control even after you leave home! Set recordings and reminders, manage your recorded shows and movies, even tailor your online guide from the office, the cafe, the park, even from out of town. All you need is a PC with an Internet connection or the Prism TV app.



Prism on the Go

If that’s not enough, the Prism on the Go feature offers viewing options while you’re away from home. It’s almost like taking your TV with you. Not only can you view On Demand shows and movies, you’ll get access to channels like HBO GO®, SHOWTIME ANYTIME®, STARZ® Play, MAX GO® and more.

App Center

Back in the comfort of home, Prism’s App Center lets you access apps you typically use on your phone…on a large screen with the same easy interface. Take advantage of social networking sites, like Facebook and Twitter...even Yahoo! Sports. Stay on top of local news, sports, weather...and gas prices. Search for recipes. Look up your horoscope. You can even play games — all from your TV.

Find-It-Fast Navigation®

Prism makes searching for your favorite programs easy with Find-It-Fast Navigation®. Just type in a title, or the name of an actor or director, and the corresponding shows will come up on your screen.

Warp-Speed Channel Change

With so many programming choices to tempt you, you won’t want to suffer the frustration of punching a channel into the remote, only to wait for the TV to respond. Forget it! Warp-Speed Channel Change -- via fiber optics -- enhances the response time of your remote, virtually putting an end to channel-switching lag.

With single-DVR viewing and recording, speedy navigation, ready HD adaptability, and large-screen app access, Prism TV takes TV watching to the next level and beyond ... for you and your family.