Banner Health is looking to fill 800 positions in Arizona

Posted at 9:42 AM, Jun 07, 2021

Phoenix-based Banner Health is in immediate need of 800 new employees at its health facilities across Arizona — at a time when the nursing shortage continues to worsen.

The primary position needs are registered nurses, certified nursing assistants, housekeeping/environmental services, culinary services and medical imaging, said Jami Allred [], vice president of talent acquisition and diversity.

With nurses representing the largest group of employees within the nonprofit health system, it's also the largest vacancy across the board, she said.

"It is at an all-time high for us," Allred said.

Over the past year during the coronavirus pandemic when hospitals were stretched to capacity, some nurses from Banner's core staff answered the call to help out in New York and other high Covid-19 areas, she said.

As a result, some corporate staff members were redeployed to help out at health facilities, taking temperatures at the doors and other non-clinical roles.

That's when many corporate staffers began to truly appreciate what nurses do every day, she said.

Even so, it's tough finding qualified nurses.

"It continues to be a challenge, even as we've seen the pandemic start to slow down here in the Valley," she said. "The candidate pool has diminished significantly."

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