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A Gilbert semi-pro gamer make millions in e-SPORTS industry

Posted at 1:15 PM, Sep 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-25 18:27:05-04

GILBERT – For Simeon Mosley, a semi-pro gamer who lives in Gilbert. 

His love for video games has been passed down through generations.

“My dad always did it, I remember when I was little, he always had me sit on his lap,” said Mosley.

From the time he was little, Sim had a gift for controlling the sticks.

“I had a Tonka game, and it was like a keyboard that you had and put the keyboard down and there’s this thing it’s like a steering wheel buttons. You would clamp down on top of the keyboard”, said Mosley.

Today, Sim plays Counter-Strike as part of a team, that competes in national competitions. He draws on discipline and leadership he learned as a young volunteer for the civil air patrol,  that’s a program that trains young men and women to do emergency response.

Sim’s team recently won 1stplace here, at Pure Esports, Esports lounge in Gilbert.

“He’s often one of the top tier players of that event and now he’s moving on to bigger and better things traveling across the nation tournaments,” said Founder, Pure eSports, Dan Artt.

Sim practices three hours a day and blasted our own J Russell in a couple of games of Counter-Strike. 

“I think Esports has come a long way. Universities are now giving scholarships for Esports, you can literally get a four-year ride on video gaming”, said Artt.

Sim’s ultimate goal is to become a professional gamer and one of the top 25 gamers in the world making an average of more than $2 million dollars per year.