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Crochet All Of The ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ Characters With These Easy Patterns

Posted at 9:15 AM, Aug 05, 2020

Disney’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas” has become a classic movie for kids of all ages. The original characters, fantastic music and unusual blend of holiday magic make this story a memorable one.

And the intriguing characters of Jack Skellington, Sally, the Mayor and more have inspired many artists to re-create their likenesses as fun DIY projects!

If you’re into crochet, you’re going to love the patterns we found on Etsy to craft the “Nightmare Before Christmas” crew. Etsy shop owner SquarepigCrochet designed five crochet patterns to make adorable Amigurumi versions of these Disney characters.

For $15.93, you can get the crochet patterns to make soft doll versions of Jack Skellington, Zero the Dog, Oogie Boogie, the Mayor and Sally!

Etsy | SquarepigCrochet

Don’t these figures look like they just leaped out of the film and into reality?

The Pumpkin King, Jack, measures 40 centimeters tall, as does the Mayor, while Sally comes in at 35 centimeters tall.

Etsy | SquarepigCrochet

It’s important to remember that this listing is for the crochet patterns only. Once you purchase the patterns, you’ll receive them as PDF documents to download. You will need to use your own yarn, crochet hooks, yarn needle and cotton filling to complete the dolls.

Each pattern is written in English with explanations and pictures to guide your crafting. The pattern description states that each project is “for all crochet lovers who are acquainted with the basics of crochet.”

Necessary stitches and techniques include the chain stitch, the single crochet stitch, the double crochet stitch, increasing and decreasing stitches, the slip stitch, round crocheting techniques and sewing parts together.

Etsy | SquarepigCrochet

You will also need Adobe Reader to view the PDF of the pattern. If you don’t have Adobe Reader, you can download the free program at Adobe’s website.

So, gather your crochet supplies, crank up “This Is Halloween” and get ready for some spooky fun while making this terrific team of classic animated creatures!

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