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'Hownd' program set to help small businesses and offer customer discounts

Posted at 5:30 AM, Dec 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-17 15:50:29-05

TEMPE, AZ — "We are the neighborhood bakery," said Tim O’Connor, owner of Honeymoon Sweets in Tempe.

If you've lived in the Valley long enough, you may have come across the deliciousness that Honeymoon Sweets bakery has been putting out year after year.

“Tiramisu, I love our tiramisu, I think it rivals anything Italy has to offer,” said owner Joan O’Connor.

During a tour of their operations center, Tim and Joan O'Connor said during a non-pandemic year the area would be a lot busier than what you see today. Since the pandemic started, they’ve had to lay off employees.

"Unfortunately, the banquet sales for hotels has dried up. We have relied on Whole Foods market and a lot of the hospitals have continued to purchase,” added Tim.

In an effort to survive tough times, they are taking part in the "Hownd" program, offered by the City of Tempe.

"It’s kinda like a gift card type program mixed with Groupon,” said Tempe Vice Mayor Randy Keating.

Honeymoon Sweets and about 100 other businesses are part of "Hownd" as a way to generate new customers.

"So we've offered 10 percent off coupon for people coming in and ordering through 'Hownd,'” added Tim.

The program is allowing Tim and his wife to expand their retail sales.

"We have holiday specials. Cakes, Christmas cookies and gingerbread men,” said Tim.

From lemon tarts to mini sized pecan pies, the list of what they have in store is so big they've added an option to order online.

"if you order online you can get it the next day. We have a good size menu on there to choose from,” added Joan.

This is just one way this small business has changed and marketed itself during COVID-19.

"Come in, and try us out and get hooked”.

Love Local, Shop Local, and Win Local in Arizona This Holiday Season!