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Waiter receives message from customer, 'We don't tip terrorist'

Posted at 8:17 PM, Jul 18, 2018

Khalil Cavil, a waiter from Odessa, Texas shared on his Facebook page last weekend that he received a message on a receipt from a customer saying, "We don't tip terrorist."

Cavil's Facebook post has since gone viral, with more than 15,000 shares. 

The photo of the receipt shows the note, along with a $0 tip for a $108 bill. 

"At the moment I didn't know what to think nor what to say, I was sick to my stomach," he posted on Facebook. "I share this because I want people to understand that this racism, and this hatred still exists."

According to KMID-TV, Cavil works for the Saltgrass Steak House. Terry Turney, Chief Operating Officer of Saltgrass, released a statement to KMID stating that the customers involved have been banned from the restaurant. 

"We stand by and support our employee," Turney said. "Racism of any form is unacceptable and we have banned this customer from returning to our establishment." 

Cavil said that his first name has drawn assumptions in the past.

"My dad was in the military and a buddy that he was very close to, served with him...Khalil was killed in an accident and so my dad just named me after him, one of his best friends," Cavil told KMID.