Valley man saving "death row dogs", hopes to build sanctuary

Posted at 10:29 PM, May 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-14 09:40:16-04

A Valley man is on a mission to save 'death row dogs' and create a sanctuary where they can live out a full life. 

Domenic Anthony has adopted dozens of dogs from the county that were about to be put down. Some of them have behavioral issues after being abused, and likely won't ever be adopted by a family, so he hopes he can create a home for them. 

"There are so many dogs I wish I could save but I don't have space," said Anthony. 

Anthony fostered his first dog five years ago, but the pup escaped. After four days of searching, he made a pledge on social media. 

"I said, 'If she actually is found, I'm going to keep her and get more involved,'" said Anthony.  

The dog was eventually found right outside his doorstep, and that's when he says his new journey began.

Anthony started saving dogs from Maricopa County's death row. These were the dogs that were never adopted or badly abused by their owners. 

"Obviously I can't save them all," said Anthony. "That's the sad thing. But you have to do what you can do."

The ones he can rehabilitate, Anthony hopes will be adopted out to a loving family. 

He also saved a dog named Zeus, who growls and is still struggling with a new environment. Zeus was found tied to a tree two-weeks-ago, left to die in Fountain Hills. 

"It's just sad," said Anthony. "It was 100 degrees out. No water. No food. It's just not cool."

Now, with about 20 dogs, Anthony just started a lease on a building in Mesa. He's still setting it up, and it has lots of space and land where the dogs can play.

But his ultimate goal is to build a sanctuary. He bought 10 acres of land in north Scottsdale and has plans to build it so more dogs can live out their lives. 

"It's all a huge dream that is hopefully going to come together soon," said Anthony.

If you're interested in helping, you can get more information about the mission and sanctuary on their website.