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ABC15 viewers help identify Mesa 'house fire heroes'

Mesa good Samaritans
Mikey Austin and Anthony Marron
Posted at 3:51 PM, May 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-11 20:09:01-04

MESA, AZ — Two of the good Samaritans that helped alert Mesa neighbors about a fire said they were just doing the right thing.

The fire broke out Friday evening near the intersection of Broadway and Crismon roads in Mesa. Neighbors are crediting a group of five strangers for helping them get out.

Monday, ABC15 shared a picture of the five men and immediately heard from viewers identifying some of the people in the photo.

Mikey Austin, 20, and Anthony Marron, 21, are two of the good Samaritans in that picture. They said they were leaving a work event at Jacksons Car Wash in Gilbert when they saw the smoke and sprang into action.

"We started hearing crackling and popping. Trees were going up in flames, telephone lines were going up in flames," said Marron. "Intense, hopping fences, houses on fire, very hot, getting smoke in your lungs."

"We hopped out the car, ran across the street and started banging on people's doors letting them know, 'Hey there's a fire, you guys need to get out'," said Austin. "It was just straight instinct."

Annie Osman and her husband said they survived thanks to the help from those strangers.

"If we hadn't had got out when we did, we wouldn't be here, they saved our lives," she said.

Another neighbor said two of the strangers helped rescue her three dogs and her pig.

"Tell them how grateful I was for them. You don't find many people like that anymore," said Lola Owens.

Austin said he wants to be a firefighter.

"Witnessing that on Friday--that entire incident, to be honest, it was a destiny calling to me," said Austin.

Both said they don't feel like heroes but that they were in the right place at the right time.