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Valley rocker writes children's books during pandemic

Posted at 6:57 PM, Jan 04, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-04 21:22:30-05

MESA, AZ — A Mesa man has spent most of the pandemic writing children's books about serious issues.

For years, Michael Crawford sang in a metal band and toured with groups like Slayer. However, during the pandemic, he became ill and switched his focus to writing books for kids.

"I go from running a record label and touring the world and playing with big bands to being on a machine," said Crawford.

"And you have to keep your spirits up somehow," he said.

Crawford told ABC15 he was diagnosed with Alport Syndrome when he was a kid and has undergone two kidney transplants.

Because of his condition, he stopped touring during the pandemic and turned to writing books for kids.

Since 2020, Crawford has written 10 children's books. All of them either focus on a serious issue or include characters with disabilities or special needs.

"I've got friends with kids with issues like autism and my son has a bit of ADD," he said.

"So I wanted to have book kids could relate to," he added.

Another book, Cyrus the Virus, is about a dog that learns the importance of handwashing and social distancing.

"Because explaining Covid to a 7-year-old is very difficult," Crawford said.

Crawford's books can be found online on Amazon. He's also been looking for local groups to donate his books to.