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Valley artist hopes to inspire creativity and community with tiny art gallery

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Posted at 5:30 PM, Jun 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-24 11:21:04-04

PHOENIX — Inspiring creativity and community, that’s the goal behind a tiny art gallery in Phoenix.

Clare Wright built the Free Little Art Gallery in her front yard in Phoenix’s Coronado neighborhood on Mitchell Street, south of Palm Lane.

The concept is similar to the free little libraries popping up in communities, but instead of books, people can take or contribute art.

“If it inspires someone to be more creative, you know, maybe someone who hasn't painted or has not done art for a long time, I've had people tell me that it's inspired them to feel like they can pick that up again, and you know, spark their creativity again,” Wright said.

She built the art gallery after making the decision to step away from her career as an elementary school art teacher.

Wright says the gallery allows her to follow her own artistic passions and share them with the community. She says, a big draw is that it’s approachable.

“Going to a regular art gallery is maybe intimidating to people who don't maybe consider themselves artists, or aren't as familiar with the art world, whereas this is, I think, it's a much more approachable and of course, smaller scale,” added Wright.

The gallery is filled with paintings, blown glass, jewelry, embroidery pieces and more. Artists can remain anonymous, but Wright encourages people to share their social media accounts so she can highlight their work.

Wright says people in other Arizona cities have reached out for tips to start their own galleries.

You can check out some of the artwork on herInstagram account.