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Phoenix pro skater featured on Jones Soda bottles

Posted at 10:17 PM, Jul 05, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-06 01:30:18-04

PHOENIX — Pro skater, and Phoenix native, Chad Hornish is now making a name for himself nationwide. His videos attracting the attention of thousands including Jones Soda Co.

The soda company reaching out to Chad with an opportunity of a lifetime, featuring him on more than 100,000 of its bottles across the country.

"Going forward and backward and grinding. It's slow motion at the end. I think that's the one that really caught their eye because that's the one that's on the bottle," says Chad Hornish, pro skater.

His tricks coming to life in the palm of your hands with a QR code, Chad became one of 15 to be selected for this augmented reality technology.

"It means a lot because it's kind of surreal still. I didn't ever really think I would be on Jones Soda. I've been drinking it forever and I'm on the bottle, it's crazy," says Hornish.

A well-known local celebrity at Tempe Skate Park, Chad has skated across the Valley while helping others along the way.

Inspiring others, like teenager Kiara Gonzales, who has the same passion for the sport.

"He is my favorite professional rollerblader actually and he really inspires me because, I have a really big dream to compete with rollerblading and seeing him all the time makes me keep striving for that dream," says Kiara Gonzales.

"The feeling I get knowing that there are kids almost idolizing me, it's a great feeling and it's kind of new to hear. So, it's definitely motivating," says Hornish.

Chad hopes his opportunity will bring more awareness to the sport and encourages others, who want to go pro, to make sure you're having fun.

"Just stick it out and work hard and just keep posting. If you have cool content, or you think it's cool, just keep posting it because it's going to get noticed by somebody eventually," says Hornish.