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Flagstaff woman on mission to help husband find kidney donor

Posted at 10:48 PM, Sep 11, 2022

FLAGSTAFF — A Flagstaff woman has made it her mission to find her husband a living kidney donor, as he is in need of a transplant. She is also helping others along the way.

Steve was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease about 20 years ago. Recently, his health started to decline and he is now in the end stage of renal failure.

Steve is on a non-living donor waitlist with the Mayo Clinic Phoenix Transplant Center but, it could take three to five years to get a match.

Steve’s wife Stephanie, his partner for 46 years, is now taking things into her own hands. She has made flyers with information on how people can help and has been sharing them with hundreds of social media groups and pages.

"I wish with all my heart that he didn't have to go through any of this, you know. It’s just what it is, and we just want the best outcome possible for him so he can live the rest of his life healthy and being able to function,” says Stephanie Beck, Steve’s wife.

Stephanie’s mission is already making a difference. Some people undergoing evaluation for Steve have discovered they were not in the best of health and have been able to address it. We’re even told one woman ended up finding out she had stage one kidney cancer herself, something that would’ve gone undetected otherwise.

Please see the attached flyer to learn how you can help: