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Fan of Arizona Sports' Ron Wolfley gets to meet his sports idol

Posted at 8:23 PM, Jul 29, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-29 23:23:32-04

PHOENIX — Behind the microphone, he’s the man with the big, booming, baritone voice: Ron Wolfley, the Color Analyst for the Arizona Cardinals.

And while Wolfley, or 'Wolf' is jacked up for the upcoming football season, ABC15 was able to get him excited for something even more special: meeting one of his biggest fans, Isaiah Cosme.

The meeting was spurred after ABC15’s Javier Soto met Isaiah in June of this year after the teenager received his high school diploma.

Isaiah is a Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) survivor, and as his mother, Candie, said at the time, "He wasn't supposed to do anything. He wasn't supposed to walk, he wasn't supposed to talk.”

But Isaiah exceeded everyone's expectations and graduated from Canyon View High School in 2022. While he spoke with Soto, Isaiah mentioned how much he loved sports – especially the Arizona Cardinals.

"I got to go on the field and meet Michael Bidwill," he told Soto. When asked what he and Bidwell talked about when they met, Isaiah didn't miss a beat.

He told him, "I wanted to go up to the area and meet Ron Wolfley."

Wolfley, among his many accomplishments, is a host for 98.7 FM Arizona Sports’ Wolf & Luke show, a news partner of ABC15. A meeting was arranged, and the result was nothing short of heartwarming.

Moments into the meeting, Isaiah thanked Wolfley for making Arizona Cardinals football accessible to him, and so many others.

Isaiah is visually impaired. When he goes to Cardinals games, he can’t see the action. But he wears headphones and listens to Wolfley bring the games to life.

“I want to start off by saying one thing,” Isaiah said. “Thank you for helping the visually impaired people.”

Quickly, the two formed a bond.

“I consider this to be the beginning of a friendship,” Wolfley said. “The things that Isaiah has faced already, and the adversity that he faced have not only made him the incredibly strong, young guy that he is but watching him do that is just amazing to me. I just respect that so much from this young guy. And I want to do whatever we can, of course, to love on him.”