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Boys and Girls Club Arizona getting real-world career experience

Posted at 7:20 PM, Jul 27, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-27 22:33:55-04

PHOENIX — The hype is real for a group of Valley middle school students.

Ruben Figueroa is a soon-to-be 7th grader.

He joins dozens of Boys and Girls Club students taking on a new job.

While he didn’t get a sports job Wednesday, he is taking a stab at the medical field.

“For Honor Health, I’m the main doctor,” Figueroa said. “I’m just trying to make money really and then take my friends to Chick-fil-A.”

Junior Achievement Arizona in Tempe is hosting its ‘Biztown’. Their goal is to bring financial literacy and career exploration programs to students.

“It looks like our economy,” stated Anne Landers, Vice President of Strategic Impact Junior Achievement of Arizona.

“It's going to be the types of businesses they're going to see both business to business and also consumer. We have a mayor who runs the town for the day. We actually have a tax agent who walks around and talks about taxes. They vote on things they have to go to the bank, open up, you know accounts and take out loans. We have media. We have all different types of jobs here.” said Landers.

For Ruben, he looks forward to getting closer to his career goals.

"We're committed to reaching kids who come from disadvantaged backgrounds,” Landers said. “Low-income communities that might look like high free and reduced percentages at schools. We're committed to reaching the kids who are in rural communities or on you know, reservation land. We want to reach the kids who might not otherwise get this type of learning, because we believe that when all of our students get exposure to this, Arizona is going to be better in the long term.”