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WATCH: ABC15 hosts town hall with experts warning of common mistakes made at the polls

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Posted at 11:05 AM, Oct 29, 2020

PHOENIX — As the countdown to November 3 continues, ABC15 is taking action to help voters stay well-informed as they fill out their ballots.

We're just six days away from election day, and there's a lot you should know before heading to the polls.

Whether you're voting for the first time, or have been for years, there are a number of differences you'll need to account for before you cast your ballot.

This year, most Arizona counties have had to decrease the amount of polling locations due to COVID-19, and find new venues to allow for safety precautions.

You should be prepared before heading to the polls, and have a plan to cast your vote.

Then, once you do, you need to make sure you've followed every step. Forgetting to do simple things like sign your early ballot envelope, or voting for more than one contest could result in problems.

Nicole Valdes and Garrett Archer answered some of the most common and pressing questions surrounding this year's election, and showed you what tools you can use to ensure you're informed and your voice is heard.

Watch this week's Town Hall on ABC15's Facebook and YouTube pages in the player below.