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Young cancer patient sewing zippers on T-shirts to make treatment easier for others

Posted at 5:33 PM, Nov 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-16 21:28:07-05

Ten-year-old Seth Espinoza is the typical 10-year-old boy. He loves playing baseball and he's already dreaming about the day he gets his driver's license. But last year, Seth failed an eye exam; he then started to frequently lose his balance. As a precaution, he parents took him to Phoenix Children's Hospital. 

"You know you bring a kid in and he's walking and we just picked him up from school, took him in and the next thing we know it's 9:30 on Halloween night and they're telling us we have to take him to the ICU," said Lisa Espinoza, Seth's mother. 

Seth's family was gathered in the hospital room when doctors told the family their fourth grader has inoperable brain cancer.

"Sometimes it feels like a bad dream I haven't woken up from," Lisa explained.

Seth's aunt, Katie, was also there when the family received the devastating news. She travels to PCH every Friday to be by Seth's side during his treatments.

"The first time you go to that chemo treatment and you see all those little kids," said Katie, shocked at the number of children with a cancer diagnosis.

Every Friday, Seth gets his chemotherapy treatment and will do so for the next 52 weeks.

To make the three-hour process a little easier, his aunt Katie decided to sew zippers into Seth's T-shirts making it easier for him to get his port.

"All I have to do is unzip my shirt," Seth explained.

Other kids at PCH started to notice his zipper shirts so Seth wanted to make a few more.

"Because I just don't want them to see me wear all these cool shirts and want one and not have one," Seth said.

The family posted the idea on Facebook and it took off.

Now total strangers are donating T-shirts; even taking their own time to sew the zippers.

Seth is now able to help other kids going through the same tough time.

"It feels good," said Seth. "Just being there seeing smiles on other kids faces makes me happy."

If your child needs a shirt or if you would like to donate shirts or volunteer to sew, contact Seth's family through their Facebook page.