Woman's daughter's dogs given away by husband after she died from cancer

Posted at 10:41 PM, Sep 12, 2017

Lana Ostankovich is still in mourning after the loss of her daughter Olga.

Olga died at the age of 35 after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. She left behind a husband, a son and two beloved English bulldogs.

"She actually had the same spirit and she thought that she could be saved," said Ostankovich.

After her daughter passed, Lana was set to care for the Bobo Joe and Lulu Rose. She considered them to be special not only to her daughter’s memory, but also an extension of her soul. The only problem was, both dogs were gone.

"I want to know where the dogs are, we never got the answer from him what happened with the dogs," cried Ostankovich.

She's talking about Olga’s husband. 

Lana believes he either sold the dogs or gave them away while Olga was getting treatment for cancer. That's something Olga would never have wanted, she said. 

ABC15 tried calling the man married to Olga, but he didn't want to comment. The mystery leaves Olga's mother in an emotional limbo. 

"It’s my connection to my daughter’s soul, I'm asking anybody with a heart to let me know if they're still alive because they were her babies and they were my babies, too!"

ABC15 asked a lawyer if there's anything the deceased woman's mother can do, legally. However, without the dogs specifically mentioned in a will, there's no case.

The woman doesn’t want the dogs back. She just wants to know that they’re safe and OK.