Woman desperate to find beloved dog after car accident in Gila County

Posted at 4:54 PM, Aug 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-10 22:44:21-04

How far would you go to find a missing pet? Would you travel hundreds of miles? That’s what one woman is doing after losing her dog in Gila County after a car crash.

Mary Elizabeth Enmann says she lost her 4-year-old Corgi Collie mix “Easy” after getting into an accident while visiting the Grand Canyon State recently.

"I was just enjoying the amazing scenery, the colors, the green foliage just blew me away. We're driving along and I'm just admiring everything, then I felt a little sleepy. The next thing I know I'm heading for a  boulder," Enmann said.

The crash happened on US 70 near mile marker 280 on July 23 around 7:30 in the morning.

Enmann said her car rolled over, and she was hanging upside down. Easy was in a dog carrier next to her. Enmann believed he got out when the passenger side window shattered.

A passerby called 911. 

While Enmann did not suffer any serious injuries in the crash, her life came to a standstill after losing Easy.

Now that she is able to move again, Enmann said her first priority was to head back to the area to search for her beloved pet. 

There was some hope after someone reported seeing a dog that looked just like Easy near the Taco Bell in Globe a few days ago.

"I can move now, and if I can move I want to go to every gas station, every 7-11, every restaurant, and every supermarket all up and down here," she explained.

One grocery store owner asked Enmann to leave the property as she was handing out flyers, but not disheartened by that, Enmann said she was so grateful for the support all the Globe residents were showing her. 

Strangers were helped print flyers and other helps spread the word on social media.

Enmann is offering a $600 reward to anyone who can help find Easy — no questions asked.

If you know where Easy is we urge you to call Enmann directly at 928-651-0465.