What's the deal with gas prices in Arizona?

I have concerns about gas prices.

Not the highs and lows, but about how much they vary from station to station. They vary even if owners are the same and the stations are just a few miles apart.

A couple of months ago, I noticed the price for a gallon at a Costco in Phoenix was $1.99. A half an hour later, I discovered the price in Scottsdale was 13 cents higher!

We went back today and there was a 10 cent difference — it's the same gallon of gas!

It's not like a hotel where location DOES matter.

Costco says, unfortunately, it cannot comment at this time. And I like Costco because of its return policy and good treatment of members.

All the stations seem to do it.

Does the land cost more at one location than another?

Or do gas station owners just know people will pay more in different areas?

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