AGREE? 6 reasons living in Arizona ruins you for life

Posted at 12:37 PM, Mar 15, 2016
and last updated 2018-04-19 17:47:28-04

When you move to Arizona, it's hard to leave.

For starters, we have an unbelievable amount of sunny days each year. You can practically tan year-round. Of course, we know to stay hydrated and wear sunscreen.

If we miss the snow and cold temps--the real cold temps, not just when it hits 60 degrees--we can drive two hours to Flagstaff.

Don't get us started on the sunsets. Arizona has set the bar high.

To go anywhere else...well, your expectations are ruined. It just doesn't compare.

Watch the video above to see four more reasons why Arizona ruins you (in a good way!).

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