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Valley rescue group urges people to protect animals from extreme heat

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Posted at 4:24 PM, Jul 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-07 19:24:18-04

PHOENIX — After two abandoned kittens passed away from heat-related illnesses, one rescue center is asking Arizona residents to protect their pets from extreme heat.

Friends for Life Animal Rescue in Gilbert said that on Tuesday at approximately 3 p.m., volunteers found two boxes of abandoned kittens. After looking through the boxes, they found that two of the kittens had died from heat strokes.

The kittens who survived had varying body temperatures of over 105 degrees, significantly over the normal body temperature of 100 degrees.

“We understand that surrendering an animal is a last resort, and a decision people do not come to lightly,” said Friends for Life President Kathy Dunham. “We are asking that our supporters try to understand that whomever did this, did not do it with ill intentions, but we are asking you to please help us spread the word that these types of actions can result in devastating outcomes.”

This isn’t the first time a box of kittens has been left at the center. Barb Savoy, a spokesperson for Friends for Life said that for several weeks, someone has been leaving cats and kittens near a secluded bush along the back of their building.

“Whomever is leaving the cats always leaves a note with a bit of information about the cats and a plea for us to find them good homes,” Savoy said. “They seemingly have the best wishes for the cats.”

The center says they are trying their best to save and rehabilitate the surviving kittens who are now eating and drinking on their own.

They have also filed a police report with the Gilbert Police Department since animal abandonment is illegal in Arizona.

Friends for Life says they have measures in place for anyone who needs to give up an unwanted animal, on a space-available basis. If the shelter has reached capacity, the center will provide referrals and resources.