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Valley nurse's life turned upside down after stroke

Posted at 10:42 PM, Apr 18, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-19 01:42:50-04

Katherine Page says, “She has this magnetic personality towards children. And she loves them. And she's always helped them."

Erika Page, a Phoenix Children's pediatric nurse devotes her life to serving kids. But earlier this month, her passion came to a sudden halt.

Erika's mother got a call in the middle of her move from Oregon to Arizona.

“We didn't know if [Erika] was gonna make it. We didn't know,” says Katherine. "She was on the floor. She couldn't speak. She was just moaning. she couldn't move anything."

The 36-year-old single mother suffered a massive, unexpected stroke at her home.

Family rushed her to the hospital, where doctors discovered a blood clot in her brain. But they don’t know what caused it.

"They wanted to check to see if she had a hole in her heart. And she did,” says Katherine Page. "A clot with the hole. And that's how it went to her brain."

While medical bills stack, Erika can't work, care for herself or family. Her mother decided to start an online fundraiser.

“Her biggest fear is not being able to support the girls. Not being able to take care of the bills and everything else that comes along in life that you deal with,” says Katherine Page.

Thousands of dollars already donated by those impacted by Erika’s dedication.

When asked what it feels like as a mom, Katherine says, “For me? I'll start crying. It's the love and the outpouring I'm seeing for her is like nothing I've ever known in my lifetime. So to see this is like, the best thing I mean, I can't explain it."

The healthcare hero has spent 14 years helping children, with the last two during the pandemic. Her mother hopes the community supports Erika, after everything she's done for them.

"Every day I see her she's getting better, but you can definitely tell she has a long way to go,” says Katherine Page. "My biggest hope is that she gets a complete miracle."

For more information on the GoFundMe link, click here.