Valley man heading to Houston, Texas to help pups affected by Hurricane Harvey

Posted at 10:37 PM, Sep 06, 2017

A Valley man is using his own resources to go to Houston and make a very special rescue.

Scott Roberts is flying to Houston Saturday to pick up 40 dogs who are about to be pushed out of a shelter. After Hurricane Harvey hit, the shelters were inundated with missing pets.

The animals who have been living there for awhile are at risk of losing their lives.

"Being able to load up to 40 dogs or more in my airplane and then realize they are going to families, and more than likely those dogs would be euthanized, it's really meaningful to me," Roberts said. "Especially after I just lost a pet."

Roberts' dog, LooCee, passed away last week. Helping other dogs is his way of honoring her.

He's also taking loads of supplies, such as toiletries, bug spray, and sunscreen, to drop off for people in Port Arthur, another badly hit area.