US Marshals Service arrests 195 fugitives as part of "Operation Summer Burn" program in Valley

Posted at 7:52 AM, Sep 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-10 10:52:31-04

The US Marshals Service says it has arrested 195 fugitives in Arizona as part of a nearly two month investigation called “Operation Summer Burn.”

The program targeted areas in Phoenix and Chandler with a history of high gang activity.

According to the USMS, fugitives wanted for the following crimes were all arrested:

  • 2 homicide suspects
  • 25 sex offenses/sexual assault suspects
  • 25 aggravated assault suspects
  • 85 dangerous drug offenders
  • 16 robbery suspects
  • 17 firearm related offenses
  • 22 violent crimes suspects

48 of the suspects arrested were identified as being members of, or associated with, criminal street gangs.

The USMS says 22 firearms were seized in the operation, along with 15.63 grams of cocaine, 65.8 grams of heroin, 686 grams of marijuana, 14 grams of meth and over $13,000.

"Operation Summer Burn 2016 was an enforcement initiative designed to target and reduce gang activity and violent crime in the heart of Phoenix,” said U.S. Marshal David Gonzales. “The arrest of 195 fugitives demonstrates the successful outcome of a focused effort to arrest violent offenders and reduce future crime victims. The arrests included 48 gang members and the removal of 22 firearms off our streets. Organized street gangs continue to be a major problem in our communities and the U.S. Marshals Service, working with our state and local partners, will continue to make them a high priority in our enforcement efforts.”

The USMS says the Phoenix, Glendale, Surprise and Chandler police departments were all involved in the investigation. The Department of Public Safety, Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, and Arizona Department of Corrections all assisted as well.