Thieves use sunshade to shield car break-in

Posted at 10:20 PM, May 19, 2017

It might be a new tactic — thieves throwing up a sunshade, parking next to the car they want to burglarize, opening up the door and getting inside with no one able to see them.

It happened to a dentist as his car was parked in the busy lot during the middle of the day.

Surveillance video from across the street captured the crime in progress. An orange Dodge Nitro pulled up alongside the driver's side of an Audi S5. Then, after a few minutes, the crook pulled next to the passenger's door, with the sunshade up, waited until the coast was clear, then smashed the window. 

"They were here for almost an hour breaking into the car," said victim Cameron Turner. "You can actually tell that they crawled into it. All the compartments were open, even the trunk."

Turner is a dentist at the practice and he was only feet away inside while the crime was happening.

The only thing visible inside his vehicle was a radar detector. But once the thieves broke the window they found a cash deposit in the glove box, an Ipad, watch and sunglasses. The break in totaled about $5,000.

"It was absolutely shocking, because the entire time this car was here, my employees were walking out," said Turner. "Everyone was walking by this car and no one saw a thing."