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There is a Christmas town in Arizona called Santa Claus

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Posted at 4:32 PM, Aug 17, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-17 19:32:06-04

PHOENIX — Did you know there used to be a Christmas town called Santa Claus in Arizona? Welcome to a town that history has not forgotten!

If you jump on Route 93 and drive 14 miles past Kingman, Arizona, you'll cruise by what used to be four miles of Santa's workshop. What was once a holiday hub where celebrities would frequent during the winter months is now reduced to four miles of an abandoned amusement park. Santa Claus, Arizona, is now left in ruins. Want to see for yourself? The candy cane-striped American roadside is located one hour south of Las Vegas between mile markers 57 and 58 underneath a big sign of jolly St. Nick.

Watch the video above to see Santa's Workshop Train!

In its heyday, the Christmas destination had a local restaurant named the Christmas Tree Inn, a gift shop, a (now pink) train for children, and a post office. Families from all over the United States flocked to this town to send mail to their loved ones addressed “From Santa Claus.” Kids could meet Santa any day of the year!

Ninon Talbott and her husband moved to Kingman in the 1930s and established Santa Claus in 1937. Despite being a popular tourist stop, visitors never bought property -- which made the people working in the themed town the only residents of the city. The last of the holiday attractions closed down in 1995 and, subsequently, the townspeople moved on and moved away. In 2003, the population of Santa Claus was just 10 people.


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