SPLASH! Wildlife World Zoo's Baby Otters Have First Swim Lesson

Posted at 3:01 PM, Apr 06, 2017

Wildlife World Zoo's two fluffy bundles of joy took their first-ever otter pup plunge! 10-week-old brother-sister pair, Turnip and Banjo, dove in for their first swim on Wednesday afternoon. Turnip and Banjo joined their parents shortly after for a family dip.

Watch the video above to see the otter pup pool party!

Asian small-clawed otters Banjo, female, and Turnip, male, were born on January 24 at the Wildlife World Zoo to parents Penelope and Odell. The mating, pregnancy and birth were all carried out at this location. 

At just 10 weeks old, the fluffy duo is already exhibiting strong personality traits. Their trainers describe Banjo as a goofball who loves his pink dragon stuffed animal and Turnip as a food queen whose favorite time is snack time.

Penelope and Odell will handle swim lessons for their offspring from here on out. The natural process is mildly comedic to read but slightly jarring to watch. Mom and dad take their young to the body of water and jump in together. The parents then dunk the pups under water to get them accustomed to the new element, following with pushing them back up to the surface. Very similar to the antics of a human uncle with his niece and nephew at a family pool party. 

What makes these otters unique is hinted at in their name. Most otter species catch food using their mouths while these guys use their hands to feed and play. Go meet this otter family and other critters at Litchfield Park's Wildlife World Zoo!

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