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Sandra Day O'Connor Institute launches civics challenge for kids

Civics Challenge
Posted at 10:13 AM, Aug 12, 2020

Between election season and government leaders constantly making new laws and changes because of the coronavirus, it's a good time to teach your kids how it all works.

The Sandra Day O'Connor Institute in Phoenix has launched a civics challenge to encourage them. It's a video creation contest for kids who are in 6th-9th grade. Participants can choose from five areas of government and create a three-minute video demonstrating what they've learned.

Jonathan Gelbart, of the Sandra Day O'Connor Institute, is hoping students get creative.

"If your student loves Minecraft, maybe they can make a Minecraft model of the White House or the Supreme Court to use as a visual aid to show how it works. You name it. It's designed to be fun and get kids engaged and excited about civics and get more involvement from the next generation."

There are some big prizes up for grabs like laptops and tablets.

The deadline is Sunday, Aug. 16. Find details here.